On this page I will share with you some of the ways I am currently making money from running NoviceAmateurs and some of the tips and tricks I use to promote the site as well as prepare content for the website.

To keep the clutter on this page down I have started to break this section down into different pages with an overall topic to keep things better organized. Please be patient while I update this section.

Main Topics:

  1. Social Media – Social media can play a big part in advertising your adult website. Be careful though, not all social media websites support adult content. This section outlines which social media websites NoviceAmateurs is using in order to promote itself.
  2. Advertising Networks – This is a list of advertising networks that I have dealt with in order to generate income and monetize my adult websites. Websites in this list include CPC (Cost per click), CPM (cost per thousand impressions), and CPA (cost per action, in otherwords signing up to a website).
  3. Paying Image Hosts – This is a list of image hosts that pay you to share your images! Many paid image sites have been popping up all over but a lot of them are starting to look like they aren’t serious about running a business. This list will outline which hosts we have used and show proof of payment screenshots.
  4. Paying File Hosts – This is a list of file hosts that pay you when your users download your files. The list currently only contains 1 link but it will soon be updated to contain more.
  5. Scam Sites To Avoid – These are websites that we have dealt with which have either wronged us in a way or have not lived up to their promisesAd Services – Coming Soon
  6. Useful Links To Promote Your Website – This page contains a list of links which will allow you to promote your websites or your photo galleries you upload to image hosts.
  7. Content Tools – These are tools that I have written to help me with preparing content for NoviceAmateurs. They include random gallery generators, landing page generators, and content aquisition/ripper programs that I have created. Some of these tools I will give to you free with a link back to my website, the aquisition/ripper programs are not free.
  8. Website Security – Coming Soon – These will features some tips on how to avoid getting your website hacked!

More topics will be added when I get time!