Social networking can be a very effective way to promote your website but be careful, if you are running an adult website you need to actually read which social networking sites allow porn/porn advertising.

StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon is a large collection of user submitted pages on the internet that allows adult content. We submit the links to all our new posts and receive about 150-200 unique visitors daily. Although this is a pretty decent number (especially considering we have automated the process of submitting the links), the users from StumbleUpon don’t stay very long as StumbleUpon loads your website in a frame and allows the user to easily just click next if nothing immediately catches their eye.

Twitter: We have found Twitter to be a very effective way to promote NoviceAmateurs. They allow posting of adult content. Currently we have over 27,000 followers without the use of any sort of friend building services as a result we receive (on average) about 50-150 unique visitors from Twitter a day. We have accomplished this large number of followers and thus high number of visitors by using popular #hashtags to get tweets seen. Twitter also offers you monthly analytics (statistics) showing you how many impressions your tweets get, how many new people have followed you and they also offer insight information on your followers and the people viewing your tweets (if they aren’t following you). We use standard tags such as #amateur, #nsfw, #selfshot, #selfie, #selfpic and day dependent tags as shown below:

Day Hashtag
Monday #muffmonday, #mirrormonday (for selfshot photos)
Tuesday #tittytuesday, #tastytuesday
Wednesday #wildwednesday
Thursday #tastythursday, #tittythursday, #throwback, #throwbackthursday
Friday #friskyfriday
Saturday #sexysaturday, #sluttysaturday, #selfshotsaturday, #selfiesaturday
Sunday #sexysunday, #sluttysunday, #selfshotsunday, #selfiesunday

reddit: Reddit is a website where people can share pictures and links and have the reddit community vote on them. reddit allows adult content to be posted and wow is there ever a lot of it. Popular adult content subreddits include: and I previously created my own sub-reddit where I posted the latest content updates to it and I received a large quantity of traffic from doing so and getting subscribers to the sub-reddit. However, after you post a lot of links on the same website, reddit will ban you for “spamming” even if it is in your own sub-reddit. If you do choose this approach be careful, otherwise just dump a few links here and there in various sub-reddits.

Adult “Pinterest Like” Websites: First off I want to say that Pinterest does not allow adult content, although there seems to be a rather large amount of it on there. We have recently signed up for 2 “Pinterest like” websites: and ( Since we have just signed up I cannot provide accurate traffic information but in the first day sent us 13 unique visitors and snatchly sent us 6, this is expected to increase as we pin more stuff to our boards as we will show up in search results more.

Facebook: I will give you fair warning: Facebook does NOT allow posting of adult content, however we use it to post pictures of girls while they still have clothes on and tell them the pictures that are too hot for Facebook can be found on our website. We have gained over 700 likes on Facebook since starting the page. We only receive a few unique visitors daily from Facebook but with the recent release of Facebook #hashtags I suspect that we will be able to gain additional exposure  by using #hashtags on posts.