The following sites below are sites that we have tried their service and have deemed them to be scams or not live up to their promises. We advise you to stay away from these websites and not conduct any business with them! Active links are not provided on this page as we do not want to benefit these scammers by improving their rankings.

  • TusPics<dot>net – This website offered free image hosting services and paid you when people viewed your images. Out of the gate the site seemed to be legit and we received 1 payment from them. We started to use this website as our sole image hoster as our images seemed to perform better there than with the other hosts, this was a big mistake. We racked up a fairly high amount of money and then the site “faced payment provider issues” but assured us all that we would be paid what we were owed once these issues were resolved. This was a flat out lie, our payment was marked as “pending” for over 2 months till it was finally rejected with their reason being that the affiliate program is not for adult content (when their rules clearly stated this was allowed, after all that is what their business was based on). Below are pictures of our rejected payment and their earn money page clearly stating that adult content is allowed, the last image is a message they recently added to defend themselves from not having to pay its users.