First off, NoviceAmateurs is not a revenge porn website nor do we hack or otherwise steel your pictures or videos. We are simply a group of people who enjoy real homemade amateur pornography. Our content comes from a variety of public sources including other websites & social media, much of which is an automated process, with that being said, NoviceAmateurs is not the original source of any content found here within. If you have discovered that you are being featured in photo(s) or video(s) on our website without your permission, or that a photo or video in which you own the copyright to has been posted, simply contact us by email: and we will remove it. Do keep in mind that if your photo/video has shown up here, it is posted elsewhere online.

For a quick and timely removal of your pictures please include the following in your email:

  • The title and date of the post in which you are featured
  • The full URL (website address) of the post you are featured in as well as the actual image url in which you are depicted
  • Proof of ownership of the photos or videos

Any DMCA notices should be emailed to for removal within 72 hours (usually within 24) providing the above information has been received and is valid. Contacting our hosting provider will only slow down this process (they have to receive the report, check it out, draft up a letter to us, and then send it out all while the content in question is still available online). This is a hassle for all parties involved and will actually slow down the removal process as you are involving a third party. Simply send an email with the information above and it will be removed.

Please Note:
Recently we have received 2 DMCA complaints that have ended up being blocked by Gmail’s spam filter. This spam folder isn’t always monitored due to the large volume of penis pill advertisements we receive as a result from posting our email address online for these take downs. Please refrain from inserting hyperlinks, the usage of scripts that generate previews of said hyper links, etc to ensure it is delivered to our inbox.