My name is Kaila and I 20 years old. I was browsing around the clothing section at a department store and this photographer guy named Ray walked over to me and asked me if I knew the time because he left his phone at home. When I brought out my iPhone to show him the time, a NAKED picture of me popped up on the screen! I was so embarrassed and shocked because my boyfriend told me he saved those pictures in an encrypted folder! When I found out that Ray was a photographer, the modeling idea sounded good to me because my boyfriend sucks at shooting pictures and I’d rather have a professional shoot them. Once I saw the True Amateur Models website and all of the models on it, I was so intrigued by the fact that Ray and I bumped into each other and everything turned out the way it did! I was actually wanting to have some nude pictures taken of me and that’s why I had my boyfriend shoot a few the other day. I was a bit nervous and shy at the shoot because I’ve never had nude pictures taken of me, other than my boyfriend, who really only took about 5 pictures of me standing naked. So yes, this modeling shoot was a HUGE difference. I hope that you all enjoy my amateur nude modeling pictures!

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True Amateur Models offers high resolution pictures & HD videos of real amateur girls that were approached at shopping malls, rock concerts and amusement parks (among other locations) for the purposes of recruiting them to participate in amateur modeling photography & adult entertainment productions. These are not street prostitutes, escorts, strippers or porn stars. Weekly exclusive updates only at TrueAmateurModels.

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