I got these photos of a nerdy girl sent to me the other day and it got me to thinking that these nerdy girls are probably pretty easy to pickup and are probably willing to try weird shit in bed because not many people are typically interested in them. I mean thinking back to my high school days there was definitely some weirdo chicks I never gave the time of day that were probably actually pretty easy, looking at some of them now a days on Facebook they turned out not bad and some even seemed to have gotten past their weird nerdy phase.

This girl has some pretty crazy hair colors ranging from red, to purple, to blue/green (tealish) color. She’s into weird shit like Pokemon cards, fucked up hats and dressing up. If you can see past all that weird shit, she’s also pretty good at sucking cock because well, she just has to try that much harder so that guys over look her personality. Hurtful words, yet true.

215 Photos, 57 MB


There appears to be something wrong with the thumbnails and I can only get these one’s to generate. Download the zip to see more of her, trying to fix the issue but I’m not sure what’s going on.

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