Here’s a hot Halloween set featuring a hot milf dressed up in a costume and undressing for you. A story was included with this submission:

Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in the suburbs. She seemed like your ordinary typical mom. But she had a secret. A very naughty secret. She liked to dress up and play pretend with strangers on the internet. Scandalous. None of her neighbors knew she was so naughty. None of her coworkers knew she was so naughty. Some of her friends knew she was so naughty. But she liked to pretend so she acted like she didn’t know. And continued the tease. One day, the mom decided to have a little fun with dad and a friend. It started out innocently enough. A little massage, relaxing in the hot tub, and all of a sudden her clothes fell off. But she didn’t protest. In fact, the naughty mom liked it. The mom and dad and friend played all night, and the mom added another naughty secret to her list. The end.

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