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News Archive (March - August 2013)

Postby NoviceAmateurs » Sat Sep 07, 2013 7:30 pm

August 2013:
-All photo sets from ImageTwist have now been moved over to ImgSwift. Some daily mixed galleries still remain on ImageTwist until I have more time to move them over.
-We seem to be losing some Google traffic, likely because I haven’t been able to keep up with posting updates every day so tell your friends so we can continue to grow!

July 2013:
-All ImgDino galleries have been moved to ImgSwift for increased reliability to ensure we never lose any content!
-We broke the 1000 follows on Twitter mark, if you’re not following us be sure you do: We also now have over 100 subscribers on

June 2013:
- Some stupid twat on Facebook reported one of our images as nudity when there was clearly no nudity in the photo (it was simply 2 girls kissing, I don’t see them banning photos of couples kissing on Facebook or any other gay pride pages or anything like that … is Facebook against lesbians?), as a result we have been banned from posting pictures for 1 week … Facebook updates will resume in one week … what a joke
- We have broken the 300,000 traffic rank mark! We’re hoping to keep this up and break 100k soon!
- All photos from ImgChili & ImagePorter have been moved to ImgSwift to ensure that they always stay online as some of the photos were starting to expire on these sites
- All photos that were hosted on TusPics have been moved over to ImgSwift, it took a lot of effort but all of those galleries are back online and those scamming bastards at TusPics wont be making another penny off of us! I hope all of the other TusPics users hate them as much as I do and delete all their files so they don’t make money.
- TusPics have decided to change their rules and now claims everyone using their service is in violation of their rules and have therefore rejected our large payment that we were owed. We are now considering this website as a scam and have added it to our list of websites to avoid. All galleries hosted on TusPics will soon be removed from NoviceAmateurs as I do not want them to earn another dime off of us.

May 2013:
-We now have boards at & and these boards are similar to twitter but for adult content!
- It appears TusPics has gone offline (not to mention they owe us a lot of money) but all galleries hosted on TusPics appear to be inaccessible. I haven’t heard as to whether or not they are shutting down or what the deal is, we will leave all TusPics galleries up until we know for sure what is going on.
- New cam section opened:
- We created a subreddit where all of our updates will be posted daily:
- NoviceAmateurs is now one of the top 400,000 websites on the internet!
- Check out our posts on Reddit and give us some karma!
- We will try to post videos more frequently now that we have launched a video streaming service at

April 2013:
- We will now be using for all our future image hosting needs as TusPics still has not paid us due to problems they are having with PayPal. ImgSwift is a joint venture started by the operators of NoviceAmateurs, TeenPussyNetwork & PublicStreamingPorn.
- Due to some payment issues at TusPics (they owe us quite a bit of money), we will be switching back to ImageTwist, ImgChili, ImgDino & ImagePorter in order to generate enough to pay for the server this month. This could be temporary until TusPics sorts their payment issues out, if they don’t this could be permanent again.
- NoviceAmateurs has broken the 100,000 unique visitors mark since the time we have opened! We are also fastly approaching breaking into the top 500,000 websites on the internet! On that note I’d like to say we also now have Facebook! Stop by and give us a like. In order to comply with Facebook’s nudity policies we will not be posting nude images there
- Our Tumblr account has been banned, no reason has been given, no reply has been received to emails sent as to why we were banned … Thanks Tumblr … Assholes
- We have had a very successful March 2013 and April is only going to get better! Be sure to check back in with us as we will continue to bring you some of the hottest amateurs from around the world!

March 2013:
- We are now on Twitter! Tweet & follow us @NoviceAmateurs – We will tweet about our updates including a preview picture
- We are now on Stumbleupon: NoviceAmateurs on StumbleUpon – We Stumble all of our new updates
- All daily mix posts will now have 60 images instead of 40 images to make your day just a little bit brighter
- Release of the NoviceAmateurs Gallery Generator Application which produces all of our mixed galleries. Webmasters who are interested in using this application on there website can do so for free by linking back to us, check the webmasters section for more details.
- We are now on Tumblr! Follow us – All new updates are posted with a preview picture Tumblr is gay and deleted our account without a reason, attempts to contact their support to find out why haven’t been answered. Attempts to sign-up for a new account have been greeted by automatic suspension notices.
Interested in making money from your love of amateur porn pictures like we are? We have added a webmaster page where we show some ways we advertise, promote and earn from Check It Out: Here
- We have decided to stop using ImageTwist, ImgChili, ImgDino and ImagePorter. We will be solely using TusPics for our image hosting
- We have broken the 1,000,000 mark on Alexa! Thanks to all who have helped us with that!
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