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Video Conversion Tip

Postby NoviceAmateurs » Sun Nov 30, 2014 7:54 pm

I downloaded a video the other day and it was rotated and in shitty wmv format. Initially I downloaded a freeware program to convert it but when I went to install, it tried to force me to install some bullshit browser, toolbar, change my default search provider, change my homepage, steal my first born son and wanted permission to rape my wife. Nuts to that.

With a quick Google search I found out I had the only utility I needed all along! VLC Media Player.

Rotate Video:
1) Tools -> Effects and Filters -- Video Effects Tab -- Geometry Tab, check transform and select the required angle. Alternatively you can select Rotate and use the dial. Note this will only change how the video is currently being viewed, this will not modify the video!

Save the Video:
1) Media -> Convert/Save...
2) Drag your file in or click add and select your file
3) Click Convert/Save... Button
4) Choose your format, I'd recommend MP4 (H264 Video, MP3 Audio)
5) Click the screwdriver/wrench icon
6) Under the video codec tab, filters tab, ensure "Rotate video filter" is checked (assuming you actually want to rotate the video like I did, skip this step otherwise)
7) Hit Save.
8) Choose a destination file/folder and hit Start. VLC will convert your file.

Note that you can select multiple effects if desired, you just have to enable them during conversion.

No more watermarks or limitations from shareware or forced installation of unwanted shit from freeware programs.

I was trying to switch the audio to MPEG 4 Audio (AAC) and I was getting some encoder errors. If you want to fix this, here's the solution:
Go to Tools -> preferences then clicking All radio button under "Show settings", navigate to Input / Codecs -> Video Codecs -> FFMPEG, Set Strict standard compliance to -2 and the error will go away.
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