My name is Olivia K. and I am 18 years old. I also wear braces, but I am so used to them now so they don’t really bother me anymore. I have never modeled before and the shoot was a lot of fun! I was out with my friend the other day and we both had movie tickets. I don’t get out to the movies much because I usually just watch them at home on Netflix, but I was excited to hang out with my friend! Me and my friend (she is a girl) were both playing the video games when this photographer guy (Ray Edwards) approached us. I was standing there watching my friend play her game and Ray just started talking to me! I don’t remember exactly what Ray said, but it was something like he was a photographer and he was recruiting models for a website or something. Me and my friend just looked at each other and laughed! I mean, I am not a super model or anything like that …and neither is my friend! And then Ray told us that he only shoots models with NO experience! LOL! At first I thought, why would you NOT want the models to have experience? But Ray explained it all to me by letting me know that he only shoots real amateur girls! My friend was telling me that I should probably think long and hard before jumping into NUDE modeling, but she’s a cool chick and she also respects my choices. And guess what? My choice was to DO the modeling! Ray actually wanted me to leave the movie theater and go right with him over to the shoot …and I did too! My friend tagged along with me though, just to make sure I would be safe. After all, you never know these days! I also jerked Ray’s dick after the modeling shoot and I squeezed the cum out of his dick! Gosh, I really didn’t think I’d be doing that when I left my house to go meet my friend at the movie theater today!

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