My name is Bella D. and I am 18 years old! In fact, I just turned 18 years old last month and I am already checking into college classes! I am excited to further my education and I really want to work with people and help them out in any way that I can just because I am a people person. I like to help out and to be able to make a difference in someone’s life makes me very happy. As far as the nude modeling and how I became involved in that ….I was at the coffee shop the other day ….when all of a sudden, this guy sits down at the table next to my table and starts talking to me! At first, he was talking to me about the menu and all of the different types of flavors they have to offer and so on. However, it really didn’t take long before he started talking to me about his nude modeling shoots! I have never done any sort of modeling before so I didn’t even know what to say! And not only that, I didn’t understand why he was asking me to become one of his models because even though I am a very confident girl that is happy with the way she looks, I still never viewed myself as some sort of hot and sexy nude model! I thought that it was flattering for him to want to shoot me for his website and I also had a lot of fun at the modeling shoot!

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