What’s up everybody? My name is Abbie and I am 19 years old! This whole amateur nude modeling thing was a first time thing for me. I ain’t never had a guy ask me to pull down my pants and spread apart my ass! Heck guys, I’m just a southern born Florida teen that has only had two boyfriends in the past, not a lot of experience in life and I just enjoy working my job over at the local supermarket and living the simple life. In fact, I’ve been working over at the supermarket now for almost an entire year! After work the other day, I decided to walk over to my friend Amy’s house. Once I arrived at her house, we were both sitting in her bedroom and she told me that she knows this photographer guy that shoots amateur girls modeling nude! That seemed a bit interesting to me, and quite cool too, but I didn’t really give it that much though. That is, until I found out that my friend was on the website! Once she showed me her nude modeling pictures, I was instantly interested in trying out the amateur modeling myself! However, I did not know the photographer, so I asked her if she’d go over to the house with me to hang out while I do the modeling shoot! Of course, Ray (the photographer) didn’t mind that at all, and as you can see, my friend Amy also modeled nude with me for some pictures! I had a lot of fun at the modeling shoot, and I am also looking forward to going back over and shooting again very soon! Watch out for more stuff coming out from me and I hope that you all enjoy my amateur nude modeling pictures!

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