My name is Lola and I am 19 years old. The modeling was a lot of fun and I have never done nude modeling before, so I sure hope that I did ok with my modeling shoot! Ray said that I did good, so I hope that you all enjoy my pictures! Ray and I met each at a clothing store. I was in the store last week and I saw a pair of shorts and a blue shirt that I really liked a lot. I didn’t pay much attention at first when I first saw Ray because I just figured he was looking for an outfit for a girlfriend or some other female that he may have known, but then he walked right up to me and started talking to me! At first, he just casually spoke about the outfits that I had been browsing though, and since he seemed like a nice enough guy, I really didn’t mind talking with him. However, when he started talking to me about becoming involved with his nude modeling shoots, I remember thinking to myself, what the fuck? Did this guy just ask me what I think he asked me? I didn’t get angry with him, but I was like, I don’t even know you! He offered to buy my shirt and he also offered to take me out to lunch. I was impressed with that because it is not every day when a stranger will offer to buy you something! We both walked over to the Restaurant across the street from the clothing store and discussed the nude modeling. The idea seemed pretty interesting, and since I had never done any modeling before, I thought that it would probably be something fun to try out! Since that time, Ray and I have hooked up a couple of times to shoot! In fact, I have s total amount of 741 high resolution pictures and an HD video on the website! I hope that you guys like my pictures – softcore and hardcore in the members area!

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