NoviceAmateurs was developed in January of 2013 to fill a noticeable gap when it comes to amateur picture sites. Many of the largest amateur picture websites online use shady misdirecting tactics in order to grow their traffic by blindly sending you to sites you didn’t request to go to (and in return these sites send them traffic in the same way and that’s how they are so large and popular) when clicking on galleries or pictures. We here at NoviceAmateurs see this as an annoyance and we will make you a promise that we will never misdirect you! We will always send you to the gallery you requested or to the image host which hosts the image you requested, and always alert you of sponsor ads/links, no tricks! Part way through our first year online, we started bringing you real homemade videos of amateur couples, solo girls as well as lesbians and have been continuing to grow our video selection ever since on a daily basis.


NoviceAmateurs has been online for nearly three years now and we have accumulated quite a fair bit of content for your viewing pleasure. Combined between hosted content, our image and video hosting partners we have accumulated over 50 gigabytes of true amateur content with plenty more to be uploaded in the future! In the beginning we were using a variety of different image hosts that proved to be unstable which lead to the creation of ImgSwift. In June 2013 we moved all pictures from TusPics, ImgChili, and ImagePorter to ImgSwift. In July 2013, all pictures from ImgDino were moved to ImgSwift. ImgSwift and ImageTwist will continue to be the only image hosts we use as they have proven to be very stable and live up to their promises. The table below is as of July, 2016.

Content Type File Size (Gb) Galleries Files
Videos 31.2+ 825+ 825+
Images 32.5+ 2,850+ 140,000+
Total 63.7+ 3,675+ 140,825+

Social Media

NoviceAmateurs has a strong presence on Twitter. Preview pictures and links to every new update are automatically tweeted to our 30,000+ followers (not bad considering we currently only follow a small number of people and have never used a follower building service). Be sure to follow us @NoviceAmateurs to stay up to date for all of our updates. According to Twitter’s Analytics, we receive 2 million + impressions each and every month. We also have a small presence on Facebook but are less active on this social network as we cannot post nudity or openly promote porn. At the time of writing this we have about 700 likes on Facebook.